Montréal en Lumière: Culinary Tours

The three Japan culinary tours with TASTET are now sold-out, but we have plenty of culinary tours to satisfy your curiosity!

TASTET’s culinary tours

TASTET’s website attracts two million readers a year. That speaks for itself. The organization’s motto “If we talk about it, then it’s good!” has become the go-to reference for anyone looking for good restaurants, bars, and cafés. To celebrate MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE’s 20th anniversary, Élise and Jean-Philippe Tastet are pleased to introduce their very first three culinary tours. The idea is to reveal the inside story of some of Tastet’s favourite spots, while also inviting festivalgoers to learn more about the cultures, cuisines, and geographic locations spotlighted in the tours.

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Culinary expert tours

As part of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE’s 20th anniversary, we are offering for the first time three culinary tours where experts from the world of wine, cocktails and beer will share their knowledge and passion: Sommelier tour, Microbreweries tour and Mixology tour.

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