Food we love to hate

We all know everyone’s taste is different so to learn more about their taste, we asked some chefs the foods they hate the most. Whether by their texture, their use or their taste, some foods are hated by all, so we list the food items you will not find in the kitchen of some chefs.

” I can not understand what is good in a good bite of beets. It’s terrible. ” – Chef Marie-France Desrosiers, Chez Chose

Some chefs hate more common foods, like chef Alexandre Gosselin from Chez Victoire who does not like the taste of eggs or chef Marc De Canck from La Chronique restaurant who finds that cucumbers are useless in a kitchen. However, Alexandre Gosselin could not do without eggs in his recipes, just as chef Marc-André Jetté of the restaurant Hoogan et Beaufort could not do without nuts but hated them since his childhood. Chef Marie-France Desrosiers at Chez Chose does not like beets (can we really disagree with her?) and chef Graziella Battista from Graziella restaurant likes raisins in sauces, but not in biscuits. Chef Antonin Mousseau-Rivard from Le Mousso, for his part, does not like endives and salmon, and chef Adrien Renaud of the SAT Culinary Lab does not like rapini. We also don’t like rapini, but we sure find it funny to say.

“The food I hate the most is the rapini. I’m sorry for all lovers of rapini […] ” – Chef Adrien Renaud, Labo culinaire de la SAT

On the other hand, there are foods that you and I probably do not have in our kitchen, but are hatted by some chefs. For example, chef Helena Loureiro of Portus 360 and Henela restaurant hates fennel because of its strong taste, while chef Olivier de Montigny of La Chronique does not like blue cheese and veal liver. Speaking of veal liver, chefs Mathieu Cloutier and Mathieu Bourdages of Kitchen Gallery are of the same opinion: the veal liver we do not like, even if it is very well prepared.

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