Drawing interest… in my latte

Have you ever thought of drinking a work of art? Yet you may have already done so without really thinking about it. Latte Art is a technique of making drawings on the top of a café latte that would have started in the mid-1980s.

When thinking about latte art, we think of the rosetta, the heart and the swan that are among the most common. While some drawings may seem simple, we challenge to try and reproduce the rosetta in your next latte. With a good understanding of liquid physics and practice, you could become an expert in latte art and impress your in-laws at your next family brunch.

In the heart of the Quartier Gourmand, coffee professionnals from the Touché coffee shop will present, in collaboration with barista Maxime Richard of Café Pista, a conference on this new trend of the moment. An informative and fun experience that will appeal to both coffee lovers and foodies. The conference is free, but places are limited.  More information

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