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Boreale Tasting

Martin Brisson is the executive chef of La Galouïne Auberge & Restaurant and the founder of Terroir Boréal in Tadoussac. This chef of indigenous descent creates uniquely flavoured dishes, such as his home-made smoked ham, duck magret, and salmon. He also offers a wide range of artisanal products, including spreads, syrups, ketchups, onion confits, fleur de sel with boreal flavours, spices, wild mushrooms, and Labrador tea flavoured with berries from the boreal forest. Continue reading

A five-course culinary journey!

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the ITHQ invites you to indulge in a unique sensory experience! Make your way to the ITHQ on Saint-Denis for a five-course culinary journey, created by five of the school’s star graduates: Marie-Fleur St-Pierre (Tapeo and Mesón), Danny St-Pierre (Petite Maison), Martin Juneau (Pastaga), Ann-Rika Martin (winner of the TV show Les Chefs ! in 2017), and Jonathan Lapierre (executive chef at the ITHQ). Don’t miss this extraordinary evening! Continue reading