Olive oil

Butter, lemon and olive oil

We all know that cooking good meals is not given to everyone. However, with a little effort and a few essentials in our kitchen we can achieve little miracles. We went to inquire some chefs and we list the essentials to own in a kitchen:

Butter: as fat as butter can be, it is essential in the cooking of many chefs. Some people will say, “The fatter it is, the better,” and we can’t disagree with that.

“Butter is love” – Chef Olivier de Montigny, restaurant La Chronique

Salt and pepper: we have all heard someone say “Oh, it lacks salt” while we’re thinking “Is it even possible to detect that? “. Well yes it is ! Too much salt or not enough pepper could ruin your recipe so go sparingly to start, and make sure it tastes good before serving.

Lemon: While being fresh and adding a citrus side to the recipes, the lemon has a lot of vitamin C and helps with digestion and detoxification.

“I love using lemon for its freshness and the flower and citrus side that lemon can bring.” Chef Marc-André Jetté, restaurant Hoogan et Beaufort

– Olive oil: besides giving flavors to your meals, some say olive oil is good for your health (in reasonable quantity, of course). Why deprive yourself?

Music and good company: whether you cook for your better half or a group of friends, do it while being entertained. Put on your favorite playlist and move your body while cooking vegetables and invite your friends to do the same! And if your recipe does not turn out as good as you would have hoped, at least you and your guests will have had a good time.

“I can not cook without music. It’s very complicated, it paces my service, my setting up. “- Chef Clément Vieuille, restaurant Christophe

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